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Denni David

Denni David & Associates is dedicated to helping families empower their children to leave destructive behaviors behind and get back on the road to educational and emotional success.

  • Adolescents
    • During the ages of about 12-18, adolescents experience many changes and pressures, both internal and external. Shifts within their own body and in the structure of their social world can be stressful for many students. more >
  • Young Adults
    • Moving out of adolescence and into adulthood can be an overwhelming task for many young people today. Often they find it difficult to set and reach their personal and/or educational goals, and may become unavailable to academic learning. more >
  • Early Intervention
    • Many families may notice their child is troubled at an early age, yet they feel strongly about keeping that child in the home rather than sending him or her to a program. more >
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